21-year-old identified as New Mexico high school killer

Law enforcement officials  in New Mexico say William Atchison, 21, was died after allegedly shooting and killing two people and injuring more than a dozen at Aztec High School in Aztec, New Mexico.

Officials said Friday it was doubtful Atchison knew the victims ahead of time.

State Police Chief Pete Kassetas said the shooter had multiple magazines with him and went to a bathroom after disguising himself as a student.

It appears  Atchison wanted law enforcement to find a thumb drivefound on his body.  The FBI says Atchison had planned the shooting and warned people of killing students on social media ahead of the shooting. He entered the school disguised as a student. He was a former student.

The two students killed Thursday were Casey Jordan-Marquez and Francisco “Paco” Fernandez,  reported KRQE.

“It’s important to understand how focused he was, how deranged he was, in his intent,” Sheriff Christesen said in a Friday morning news conference.

Officials said Atchinson posted this on a gaming forum on Thursday at 6:51 a.m.

“If things go according to plan, today would be when I die.

I go somewhere and gear up, then hold a class hostage and go ape-shit, then blow my brains out.

Work sucks, school sucks, life sucks.

I just want out of this shit.”

I wait until the school buses are detected, then head on foot disguised as a student.