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Murder Suspect in I-94 in Michigan Shootout Surrenders When Ammo Runs Out

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[CLICK] Colin Flaherty YouTube Channel

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Did MK Ultra lead Stephen Paddock to kill in Las Vegas?

During this experiment, I believe Brown gave gave the “assassin’ some kind of hallucinatory drug along with hypnosis, of course he could not reveal this to the university….

Clear video emerges picking up the sound of the first shot from the Mandalay Hotel

As a Vietnam veteran. I am certain what you hear at 3:11 is the first hot from an assault rifle. — Rick

ISIS involvement in the Las Vegas massacre? Watch this before it’s a memory

First this: I have no idea if this Anonymous related video speaks of reality or not but, it’s sure worth taking a look and keeping it in our…

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Eric Paddock – Brother Of Las Vegas Shooter Bizarre Interviews (All)


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