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The supermodel/actress recounted her first interaction with the disgraceful Hollywood producer, which involved dirty comments about her sexual ambiance and an attempt to force himself on her.

When I first worked up dare in Hollywood as a famous actress I was also a supra model ya see. I was working on a film where I was out in the field a sloppin pigs and I gets a call from Weinstein ya see. He was askin me if I had slept wiff any of da women out there in the media ya see. It was a very uncomfortable question ya see I don’t know whut in tarnation he was a talkin bout. Only woman I ever slept wiff wuz my mommy back up in da holler when we was poor and had nowhere else to sleep n all.

Anyhow I dint answer his dumb questions and got off of thee phone n went back to sloppin da pigs. But before I could get his nasty self off the phone he did tells me dat if I slept wiff women I would never get a job in Hollywood. What a dirty snake he was to tell me dat. I saw Broke Back Mountain I ain’t stupid. About a year or two later I was to meet Weinstein at a hotel lobby to discuss a film. The minute we was alone he started telling me about all these women he had slept with. I just asked him did he sleep with any men cuz he would never get another serious job in Hollywood ifin he did.

He asked me to his room I declined and walked out to get my homeless buggy. I was raised better than that stuff. I want women and girls to know that being harassed and raped is not ok. It is not their fault. They can walk away just like I did. And ifin they can’t get away they can rat them out like I am a doin here. It is not ok.